Ber-dating at Opus Bistro

I was suppose to meet up with my collegemates for dinner at Opus Bistro in Bangsar. Because of the creative industry we’re mostly in, supervisors and clients tend to demand our attention – especially when festive seasons is around the corner.

We’re in the WRONG industry, damnit!

But not letting the reservation go to waste, me and Ariel decided to go ber-dating ourselves. This was a place Hawk mentioned to us and commended on their fluffy bread, and good carbonara.

opus bistro
The Opus - not octopus

The place is on Foursquare but whoever added the location added it as Spanish food  – dei, it’s suppose to be Italian. So anyway, we got to nom on the fluffy bread and we both still preferred the bread served at Italiannies – forgot what it’s called.

italian food
Fluffy bread, signature pasta, risotto balls and chocolate desire

I had their signature seafood pasta and it was, outstandingly fresh. The seafood tasted really awesome and it had to be the best thing of that serving – well done. And on the other side of the table, Ariel found the pasta alright but ended up feeling ‘jelat’ towards the end.

For dessert, we tried their chocolate desire which takes 15-20 minutes to prepare. It’s a chocolate lovers must order but as much as I love chocolate, there was a little too much to stomach for me. Maybe my prawns, mussels, cockles and calamari disagreed with it.

To get to Opus Bistro, we ventured into Bangsar’s housing area to get to Jalan Bangkung to a short row of shops with lots of restaurants. Bangar-ians are so lucky to have all the nice food around. Damn you!

By the way, budget spent eating there for starters, main and dessert was about 70-75 bucks per person. Only thing I felt missing that night was a nice glass of chilled wine to take the load off. 🙂

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