Enormous lamb shank pie

The Foo family one night decided to head on to Ben’s General Food Store in Bangsar Village 1 to give their food a whirl. My Dad’s expectation was to have steaks and the hearsay I heard was they did now have it on the menu – last visit with Hawk didn’t have it.

Once we sat down and reviewed the menu, there was NO STEAK listed on it. Puzzled by this, we decided if we should stay and dine here. My parents were easygoing so just agreed to go with the flow and dine-in.

Round round the salad goes round

Okay, call it bad luck. But I was requested to change my side order of salad, THREE TIMES! And, THEY GOT MY SALAD WRONG! The first time was it ran out – fine. The second and third time also ran out – WTF?! On the final time I went up there, I chose a salad which looked like not many people ordered, thinking I was safe. Until my plated order came and what-do-you-know, the salad was wrong. -_-!!!!!!!

I was already frustrated having to choose 3 times so I didn’t bother telling them to correct it. Sigh. What a stroke of bad luck.

The food massacre begins

Me and Ariel decided to share a pizza, so we tried the fungi pizza. If you see the word fungi, it’s mushroom – in case you space out when you see it. 😛

Fungus on mah pizza!

For my main course, I decided to give their lamb shank pie a go. But I don’t think I’ll have that again unless I can eat like a horse or I want to be Fred Flintstone.

Massive lamb shank in a pie

I believe lamb shank can only be called that if the bone is still there. So what you see protruding from all that mashed potato on the top is my lamb shank. It was massive!

I didn’t know how to eat it, literally. The lamb was buried under the mash and the meat – though tender – couldn’t be easily sliced. So like Fred, I picked out the lamb and start gnawing away. Indeed, it was a little bit messy, but I guess that’s one of the ways to truly enjoy a lamb shank. LOL!

You’ll mostly find pizzas here. Other than that, they’ve got the lamb shank pie and 3-4 other different mains. Steak is not on the menu, but apparently how it works is you order from another place in Bangsar Village and they’ll serve it to you in Ben’s General Food Store.

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