Movie Review: The Legion

I won 4 tickets from Churp-Churp and my movie entourage was my girlfriend, her brother and my business partner. Another friend of ours had to miss out because only 4 tickets maximum were given. The Legion was at GSC, 1Utama.

Well, we were given seats 3 rows from the screen. Yes, that close. Some other bloggers I saw at the event were seated only 5 rows from the screen. Which made many of the Churpers asking, how in the world did we all get these kind of seats? Even if we redeemed our tickets early.

But enough ranting. The good thing about the movie is that the action scenes weren’t as many. I could tell, because at our distance, quick movements in action scenes are nothing but blurred and disfigured visions. And there weren’t many incidents like this.

The build up of the story was alright but towards the ending, it lost steam.The ending for me was one of those “wtf” endings and mind you, NOT cliffhanger!

The main character; Michael (Paul Bettany), was the right person to play the part. His cold and intense expression and posture brings out the dark but yet, a good side to the character. Well casted and played.

Unlike the movie Old Dogs, this is a movie I’d not watch again. Sorry, Peter Schink and Scott Stewart.

Other bloggers I bumped into at the screening were Sashi, Bryan, Yatz and other familiar faces whom I’ve not personally introduced myself.

By the way, can someone tell me why didn’t the possessed move when they exited from the backdoor?

Movie Review: Old Dogs

Quickie: A must watch for the hilariously funny Robin Williams and versatile John Travolta. 🙂

movie poster

Thanks to YouthSays for giving me 3 invites to the movie; Old Dogs. The director of the Old Dogs movie; Walt Becker, also directed Wild Hogs. Which also starred John Travolta.

The character Travolta plays in Old Dogs is near similar to the one in Wild Hogs. He portrays a very successful person in business and romance; sweeping any girl off their feet. His best friend in life is Robin Williams and does whatever a best friend needs to do when their best friend needs help.

As for Robin Williams, the last recent movie I saw him star in was Night at The Museum 2. Comedy wise, I can only remember the movie; License to Wed. So it’s been awhile but Robin sure can still make the crowd laugh.

I would’ve liked to show you the movie trailer but their embeds in YouTube were disabled by request – whatever that means. So you’ll have to watch the Old Dogs movie trailer the old-fashioned way, clicking on the link.

If you watch the movie, look out for the wide smiles and beware of your balls!