Movie Review: Old Dogs

Quickie: A must watch for the hilariously funny Robin Williams and versatile John Travolta. 🙂

movie poster

Thanks to YouthSays for giving me 3 invites to the movie; Old Dogs. The director of the Old Dogs movie; Walt Becker, also directed Wild Hogs. Which also starred John Travolta.

The character Travolta plays in Old Dogs is near similar to the one in Wild Hogs. He portrays a very successful person in business and romance; sweeping any girl off their feet. His best friend in life is Robin Williams and does whatever a best friend needs to do when their best friend needs help.

As for Robin Williams, the last recent movie I saw him star in was Night at The Museum 2. Comedy wise, I can only remember the movie; License to Wed. So it’s been awhile but Robin sure can still make the crowd laugh.

I would’ve liked to show you the movie trailer but their embeds in YouTube were disabled by request – whatever that means. So you’ll have to watch the Old Dogs movie trailer the old-fashioned way, clicking on the link.

If you watch the movie, look out for the wide smiles and beware of your balls!