For what you’re worth

While I understand your frustration and anger may be towards others who may have undermined you, I hope you had the slightest thought that your remark wasn’t proof of anything. Because from where I stood, I only saw it as a paycheck. And I would think you only got it because you had the ability to command it. And that ability was thanks to your visitors.

Sorry. I had to let that out. It disturbs me to stumble on people who feel they’re all high and mighty, than looking at both sides of the coin.

Because yes, we are underestimated. However, we are in this situation not because others feel we deserve it. It’s because they don’t understand the mechanics which drives it. Therefore, they’ve more insecurity.

If you really wanted to prove your worth, then instead tell how you managed to help the ones who engaged your services. Did they make money? Did your visitors engage with you in a conversation? What were the results?

If you don’t know the answer to those questions, then you should be educating more on the why and how it equals to your worth than blowing your horn about your expected worth.

Do Blogger Girlfriend and Boyfriend Relationships Work?

Monday morning. Stuck in traffic. Staring at the computer screen. Recapping the Germany and England match – though I didn’t watch it. Now thinking, if a  relationship between 2 bloggers could work out?

My personal relationship aside – it’s been solid, thanks for asking. I’m thinking about bloggers hooking up, dating then going steady. Can such a relationship work between the 2 bloggers?

Imagine them blogging their relationship for our entertainment. What they did together? What they ate together? Where they holidayed together? How they slept together? Well, you get the idea.

But then, imagine what happens when all hell breaks loose. It’s in any healthy relationship (to me) there’ll be some arguments or dissatisfaction. And when this happens, can the 2 bloggers keep it to themselves and not vent it out on their blog?

Because if it does get out, I think it’s going to be pouring oil on a fire. While you may be relieved to get it off the chest and tell someone (or, everyone) about your feelings, your other partner may be taking it the wrong way.

Well, hey, Internet dating works. But it garners much more responsibility and maturity. We don’t want to end up saying this later, “that f*cking bitch or bastard un-friend me in Facebook!”

Nuffnang Astro B.yond Bloggers Night

It was a night of food, games, prizes, bloggers and friends in High Definition at the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night which was held at Modestos, Sri Hartamas. Emceeing the night was Deal or No Deal host; Non.

Emcee Non

The night kicked off with the introduction of Henry Tan; Chief Operating Officer, Astro. He was telling us about the expectations and excitement of what’s to come from the new Astro B.yond. Bringing a whole new experience in high definition.

Henry Tan (Chief Operating Office, Astro)

We were then treated to the premiere of the Astro B.yond TV commercial in High Definition for Astro B.yond. I couldn’t really see much of the details at the beginning but when it came to shattering glass and rich colors of the fauna, man, it looked good!

Plus, some interesting facts about the commercial is it’s the longest Malaysian television commercial in history at approximately 2.30 minutes. Can’t imagine how much that’ll cost in air time. LOL! Oh, and it even supports Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound baby!

Part of the promotional segment also had selected bloggers of the Nuffnang community sharing their views and expectations of watching TV in High Definition. One of them was none other than infamous; saimatkong.

Saimatkong ar

After this segment, it was all about feeding the hungry bloggers. I was partially starving at the point and thank goodness, they even had mutton to munch on.

Food spread buffet style

While dining we were entertained by pole dancers a lively band with one of them being a collegemate of mine back in the old Lim Kok Wing days. The music was traditional with a modern tune and upbeat to keep your ears and heart thumping to the beat.

Thumbp thump thump

Keeping the lively blogger spirit at the party, everyone was invited to play the game nearly similar to Cluedo. It was to seek out a murderer among us based on the clues plastered everywhere. Managing this challenge was Nuffie Robb and Huai Bin (Sixtheseal).

Robb and Huai Bin doing their thing

There were 20 teams comprising 4 members each hunting all around the club with tiny magnifying glasses to analyze clues. Once that was done, they competed to win the 32″ LG HDTV and 1 year free subscription to Astro’s B.yond experience. Here’s the winning team with the person who walked away with the prize holding the “Winner” sign.

Winning team or better known as "porkgang"

While at the party, I also bumped into a number of celebrity bloggers like RedMummy, Cheesie and fourfeetnine.

Fourfeetnine, Redmummy, Cheesie

Next time, I’ve got to place myself in photos like this. And here’s a shot of Saimatkong with another friend of mine; Chong.

View all the photos taken during the Astro B.yond Bloggers Night at my photography blog; Cameranoob.

And by the way, don’t be shy because all the pictures above have larger versions. 😉