Someone is always more beautiful or handsome

No matter how you look at it, there’s always someone more beautiful or more handsome or cuter or, plain better. So give it a rest and pat yourself in the back and be satisfied with yourself. Like the life coach on BFM said, change will always start with you. 🙂

Don’t blame us guys for looking

What’s wrong with looking at another person who’s more beautiful? Or, more handsome? It’s in our nature to observe and be attracted to anything which accentuates beauty – human or not. Plus, beauty isn’t always external but may be internal.

So if I look at a beautiful woman or man walk past, it’s because there’s a form of attraction. Don’t blame me for not staring at you as much as you’re a super model. It’s just cause, someone is more beautiful than you, somehow. And it’ll be plain creepy for someone to just stare at you. Especially accompanied with a grinning smile. LOL!

Accept yourself and be beautiful

Your boyfriend or girlfriend courted you for you. They dated you for you. The got serious into the relationship for you. So, there definitely had to have beauty somewhere. And sometimes, you need not look for it because it may just spoil everything else.

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You're beautiful...

Just love you for you and him or her for them. 🙂

He will love me for me. Hogwash!

Was driving to a client’s office located quite far away and the thought popped into my head.

Remember the time, when friends talk about some crush they’ve got on someone. And they tell you, I’m not good enough for him. Then being a friend, you’d tell them it’s not what’s on the outside that matters and he’ll love you for who you are?

And the person would think, you’re right because he’ll love me for me.

Well, yeah, that conversation was running through my mind. And ‘ding’, the fact of he or she will love me for me is bollocks!

I’m not going to debate on this topic. But here’s why I thought of it as a lie.

How can someone love you for you when you don’t even love yourself enough to know others would appreciate you?

Sure, you may be too skinny, a little chubby, a little flat-chested, overly huge chested or some other pessimistic thought. But do you even love yourself enough to do something about it on your own as much as you use it as an excuse to deny yourself?

Stop saying or telling people he’ll love me for me. Instead, notice enough to improve yourself and be happy for who you are.

There are plenty of people who love people for being themselves. 🙂

Do Blogger Girlfriend and Boyfriend Relationships Work?

Monday morning. Stuck in traffic. Staring at the computer screen. Recapping the Germany and England match – though I didn’t watch it. Now thinking, if a  relationship between 2 bloggers could work out?

My personal relationship aside – it’s been solid, thanks for asking. I’m thinking about bloggers hooking up, dating then going steady. Can such a relationship work between the 2 bloggers?

Imagine them blogging their relationship for our entertainment. What they did together? What they ate together? Where they holidayed together? How they slept together? Well, you get the idea.

But then, imagine what happens when all hell breaks loose. It’s in any healthy relationship (to me) there’ll be some arguments or dissatisfaction. And when this happens, can the 2 bloggers keep it to themselves and not vent it out on their blog?

Because if it does get out, I think it’s going to be pouring oil on a fire. While you may be relieved to get it off the chest and tell someone (or, everyone) about your feelings, your other partner may be taking it the wrong way.

Well, hey, Internet dating works. But it garners much more responsibility and maturity. We don’t want to end up saying this later, “that f*cking bitch or bastard un-friend me in Facebook!”