Someone is always more beautiful or handsome

No matter how you look at it, there’s always someone more beautiful or more handsome or cuter or, plain better. So give it a rest and pat yourself in the back and be satisfied with yourself. Like the life coach on BFM said, change will always start with you. 🙂

Don’t blame us guys for looking

What’s wrong with looking at another person who’s more beautiful? Or, more handsome? It’s in our nature to observe and be attracted to anything which accentuates beauty – human or not. Plus, beauty isn’t always external but may be internal.

So if I look at a beautiful woman or man walk past, it’s because there’s a form of attraction. Don’t blame me for not staring at you as much as you’re a super model. It’s just cause, someone is more beautiful than you, somehow. And it’ll be plain creepy for someone to just stare at you. Especially accompanied with a grinning smile. LOL!

Accept yourself and be beautiful

Your boyfriend or girlfriend courted you for you. They dated you for you. The got serious into the relationship for you. So, there definitely had to have beauty somewhere. And sometimes, you need not look for it because it may just spoil everything else.

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You're beautiful...

Just love you for you and him or her for them. 🙂