Do Blogger Girlfriend and Boyfriend Relationships Work?

Monday morning. Stuck in traffic. Staring at the computer screen. Recapping the Germany and England match – though I didn’t watch it. Now thinking, if a  relationship between 2 bloggers could work out?

My personal relationship aside – it’s been solid, thanks for asking. I’m thinking about bloggers hooking up, dating then going steady. Can such a relationship work between the 2 bloggers?

Imagine them blogging their relationship for our entertainment. What they did together? What they ate together? Where they holidayed together? How they slept together? Well, you get the idea.

But then, imagine what happens when all hell breaks loose. It’s in any healthy relationship (to me) there’ll be some arguments or dissatisfaction. And when this happens, can the 2 bloggers keep it to themselves and not vent it out on their blog?

Because if it does get out, I think it’s going to be pouring oil on a fire. While you may be relieved to get it off the chest and tell someone (or, everyone) about your feelings, your other partner may be taking it the wrong way.

Well, hey, Internet dating works. But it garners much more responsibility and maturity. We don’t want to end up saying this later, “that f*cking bitch or bastard un-friend me in Facebook!”

Have you read this baloney?

I saw the New Straits Times (NST) on the dining table this morning and saw the headline of Malaysians missing. Like any concerned and loving Malaysian, I was wondering if they referred to the Haiti situation.

But then, some other article caught my attention on page 2 – though small. Heading reads “Beware Internet use”. OMGWTF!