Story of ribs and Selangor tourism

Procrastination can be a really bad thing. When you’ve something to blog, the moment you set it aside, you end up losing its motivation and consider the decision whether to post it or not. So, what the heck – here’s my week’s life summary.

Run-in with Chicago Rib House

It’s a new eatery in 1Utama and my friend gave a good recommendation on the food. So, we normally take our friends’ word, right?

Half-rack of pork ribs

The meat was tender that it peeled off the bone without trouble. As happy as I’d have love to be, I wasn’t. Because it took more than 30 minutes before me and Ariel were served our food. My belief after reminding 2 waiters of our orders and witnessing the kitchen manager look our way  – twice, was that our servings got delivered to the wrong tables.

No doubt their system tracks orders keyed all the way to the food being cooked, but because of human error somewhere our food wasn’t delivered until much much much later. In addition, my side order was also wrong but at this point, I just couldn’t give a damn. It was a very bad experience and I won’t be paying the Chicago Rib House a second visit.

My friends suggested me to complain on their Facebook page but here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to publish this here, on Twitter and on my Facebook, if they’ve a decent team monitoring their brand online, I’d be more than happy for them to talk to me – if not comp me.

Rediscovering Selangor

If you’re active on Twitter and stay in Selangor, you may have bumped into the Tourism Selangor social media team. They’re really doing a pretty good job engaging the Selangor residents and recently, I learnt about the forest reserves – thanks to a contest by Alam Sekitar Selangor.

Contest goodies

The contest prizes wasn’t an iPad2 or new computer or new car but I didn’t really bother. It was a spur of the moment that I thought to just join the contest for the fun of it. And from that experience, I learned that 1 of the forest reserves in Selangor is Bukit Gasing. In addition, I actually visited the Tourism Selangor website to scour for my answer.

What surprised me most was when their package arrived. Apparently, it was sent from the office of the Adun Bukit Lanjan; Elizabeth Wong!

Well, thanks again for the calendars and I hope to see Selangor do much better with technology. Next step maybe to give real credit where it’s due to those who really created something for the state using technology. And I’m not talking about some 1email accounts.

Bowling of a Time

Yesterday a couple of friends and colleagues of mine organized a bowling activity. It’s tough getting directors of your own companies together for such an event at times. Especially during the really busy periods. Periods like now when I’m even forced to work weekends. Argh!

Anyway, we had a bowl of a time.

picture of bowling shoes
My friend's feet

It’s been ages since I picked up my bowling ball. Yes, I own 2 balls as I used to be pretty active in sports back in school. Those were the really good old days of my sporting life.

And the highest game I’ve ever gotten in bowling was 285. In visualization, that’s approximately 9 strikes in a row. I don’t think I’ll achieve that mark again unless I go and get some coaching again.

Oh well. I’m not that serious in the game anymore but sure would like to be active in it once again. I’ve totally forgotten how should I aim anymore. LOL!

By the way, serious bowlers need to be wary of the UBowl (1Utama) alley because one my balls was damaged with a scrape between the finger holes. I don’t think I can use this ball now, ever. 🙁

St Patrick’s Day with Guinness at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama

This was my first St Patrick’s Day celebration. The only other time I’ve heard of the event was from friends telling me how they were rolling about crazily in a zorb ball and downing Guinness with others.

And it really seemed St Patrick’s Day was an event you’re most likely to bump into friends and make more friends. Plus, the ladies at the event were hot! Whoever said there weren’t any hot chics who didn’t drink Guinness. 😛

Some new stage performances I heard was from Damage Hamster and another before Love Me Butch came on. I was still having the flu, so I left before Love Me Butch appeared. But I bet everyone who was still sitting under the drizzle were having an awesome time with their draft.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Here are the selected shots of the event. Click for larger version.

At the event, I also met my collegemate Veron. Told you it’s easy to bump into old friends there. 🙂


If it weren’t for the flu, I’d definitely wanted to grab a bite from one of the stores at the food garden. There was just so much to taste. And all I could do was smell ’em. Damn sore throat.

Oh well, I guess it’s better luck next year. So here I end my celebration of St Patrick’s Day at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama with the fireworks video.

p.s.: Shot using my ol iPhone 2G. So don’t expect HD material. 😛