Bowling of a Time

Yesterday a couple of friends and colleagues of mine organized a bowling activity. It’s tough getting directors of your own companies together for such an event at times. Especially during the really busy periods. Periods like now when I’m even forced to work weekends. Argh!

Anyway, we had a bowl of a time.

picture of bowling shoes
My friend's feet

It’s been ages since I picked up my bowling ball. Yes, I own 2 balls as I used to be pretty active in sports back in school. Those were the really good old days of my sporting life.

And the highest game I’ve ever gotten in bowling was 285. In visualization, that’s approximately 9 strikes in a row. I don’t think I’ll achieve that mark again unless I go and get some coaching again.

Oh well. I’m not that serious in the game anymore but sure would like to be active in it once again. I’ve totally forgotten how should I aim anymore. LOL!

By the way, serious bowlers need to be wary of the UBowl (1Utama) alley because one my balls was damaged with a scrape between the finger holes. I don’t think I can use this ball now, ever. 🙁