St Patrick’s Day with Guinness at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama

This was my first St Patrick’s Day celebration. The only other time I’ve heard of the event was from friends telling me how they were rolling about crazily in a zorb ball and downing Guinness with others.

And it really seemed St Patrick’s Day was an event you’re most likely to bump into friends and make more friends. Plus, the ladies at the event were hot! Whoever said there weren’t any hot chics who didn’t drink Guinness. 😛

Some new stage performances I heard was from Damage Hamster and another before Love Me Butch came on. I was still having the flu, so I left before Love Me Butch appeared. But I bet everyone who was still sitting under the drizzle were having an awesome time with their draft.

Okay, enough jibber-jabber. Here are the selected shots of the event. Click for larger version.

At the event, I also met my collegemate Veron. Told you it’s easy to bump into old friends there. 🙂


If it weren’t for the flu, I’d definitely wanted to grab a bite from one of the stores at the food garden. There was just so much to taste. And all I could do was smell ’em. Damn sore throat.

Oh well, I guess it’s better luck next year. So here I end my celebration of St Patrick’s Day at Central Park Avenue, 1Utama with the fireworks video.

p.s.: Shot using my ol iPhone 2G. So don’t expect HD material. 😛