Movie Review: The Hurt Locker

I’m not a war movie buff, and that goes even for the TV series; Band of Brothers. The last war movie I watched was either about history or strategy. For example; Red Cliff. The Chinese seem to make strategic battles very charismatic as compared to many other Hollywood war movies.

I’d consider The Hurt Locker a documentary drama about the soldiers in the Iraq war. Specifically, the squad which handles bombing inspections and defusing. This story is about their life and how these life-threatening instances change them.

The camera handling was a little shaky but I guess that gave it the documentary feel. Including the inconsistent zooming parts during the movie.

Ladies may not enjoy this movie

Because most of the story was very male oriented. A quick share with a tiny spoiler is, you’ll find them beating themselves up to see who’s tougher.

Now that I think about it, I noticed there weren’t any female characters as soldiers in this movie too. This may have been done on purpose but I wouldn’t know.

End said, now I felt why this movie won Best Film in the Academy Awards and not Avatar. Check out the trailer if you haven’t.

Would I watch it again?

I’m going to pass this. Simply because as I mentioned earlier, I’m not a war movie buff. 🙂

The Ultimate Muhibbah Test

In Malaysia history books, children and students are taught the meaning of “muhibbah”. It’s about Malaysia’s multi-racial community living harmoniously with one another.

Lately, we’ve had temple destructions, cow head displays and pig head displays. Now comes another grueling test towards our beliefs in muhibbah, church burnings in Malaysia.

It isn’t bothering me religiously but mentally. I start questioning the morality of Malaysians actions towards such acts. Furthermore, how should these acts be judged later?

It’s like a frequency disturbing my wave of thoughts. Where can I find peace? What can I do to calm my thoughts and regain myself? Then I remembered, Juwita Suwito’s song performed for Visit Malaysia 2007. It was titled; One Golden Celebration.

I hope the song (and maybe video) would help you calm your nerves too. We’re Malaysian and let us continue living together in spirit of muhibbah.