Pre Chinese New Year treasures

Before the Chinese New Year, we’re always asked to spring clean the house. So during the cleaning of my room, Ariel helped me rediscover some lost treasures – box of postcards I collected.

You see, at one time, I followed the trend to collect cool postcard designs. And I did this even when I was in Melbourne. So without further due, let me show you some of the cooler postcard designs I’ve kept from the hundreds which I hope goes to the recycling centre.

postcard nokia 3310
Fancy a Nokia 3310?

It was a shame to keep the Nokia 3310 postcards without folding them.


By the way, the Nokia 3310 was known as the brick phone because it was really durable. Sigh, I do miss my modified blue Nokia 3310 with white LED lights.

Only way out is in
Guess which company this is from

Not many may remember Gateway. But a quick recap is that it was acquired by Acer and after some looking into the Gateway website they actually continue to sell personal computers in the US. Never knew that. But let’s continue.

Connect the dots

I wonder what happened to that Bluehyppo. It was quite a good campaign. Well, moving on.

Say no
Or reconsider
Eating shark's fin

The series above was for an awareness campaign that shark fins may contain high levels of mercury.

So corrorfull
Corror me

Like the Nokia 3310, you can actually take out the Apple iPod’s from the postcard and place them in your hand. Then you can make it look like you owned one of them. Back then, it was not as affordable as it is now to own an Apple iPod.

I'm lovin' it

And to wrap up, I was surprised to find I had postcards which I could do that! LOL! So I guess this year’s spring cleaning did bring some good to me. 🙂

Wicked Singapore

Last weekend me and Ariel headed down to Singapore to catch the musical; Wicked.

Exploration mode

We stayed in a building which reminded me of a Japanese school and we stumbled on an elephant porn shop (no kidding – at least that’s what they call it) and an ice cream shop which had tiramisu with a “kick” to it. 😀

Whenever we watched a musical at Marina Bay Sands, we’d prefer eating nearby to not worry of being late. But don’t expect the greatest of food, especially in the food court.

Decent looking Sarawak noodles

It was definitely decent looking but you can say, it’s only to fill your stomachs necessarily.

The musical was suppose to tell the origin of the Wicked Witch of the West. And having not watched the Wizard of Oz film before (yes, you may scream blasphemy) I didn’t know what to expect.

Last time we watched The Lion King, I got us seats nearby the stage but it was too near to the right – where the speakers were placed. Though in my defence, I couldn’t help it because the seat selection was automated and I never expected the speakers there. 🙁

This time for Wicked, I bought seats which were a little more pricier and you’d seat in the center rows. However, we weren’t all that tall so taller patrons kind of obscured our view. So, we may try the booth seats in future – if they allow me to purchase 2 tickets.

Thankfully, the musical was superb. It’s theatre design and performance was of the quality when we watched The Lion King musical. I’ve watched the musical Cats in Malaysia but for some odd reason, I’m not sure why the quality wasn’t as great compared to both musicals in Singapore. *shrug*

And before I wrap up this post, can you tell me what’s wrong with this photo?

Curry sauce, really?!

I was quite shocked to see the sauce. But thinking how bad it could be was a bad decision. The sauce was sweet and you could taste the eeny meeny bits inside it, like what you get from low cost sauce. I didn’t touch it after 1 dip. *shivers*

Idea: Have my seat please

Ever went to McDonalds or any self-serve eateries only to be frustrated to not be able to sit down with the tray of food you’re carrying? I bet we’ve all vented out our anger in silence during this scenario.

Well, I thought of this idea for a movement.

What if, after I finished eating, I let you have my seat because you’re carrying your tray of food. In addition, I’ve to clear my tray of food from the table to the designated spot.

left food tray at mcdonalds

Then, when the next person with a tray of food comes, you’ll let the person have your seat once you’re done and take your tray with you.

The condition of letting another person have your seat is that they must have a tray of food already.

This movement will prioritize the patrons who respect others eating there. It will educate patrons to clean up after themselves. Plus, it teaches us etiquette of not sitting down just to ‘choop’ a seat. And hopefully, teach other people’s children proper manners.

Viva la revolucion!