Pre Chinese New Year treasures

Before the Chinese New Year, we’re always asked to spring clean the house. So during the cleaning of my room, Ariel helped me rediscover some lost treasures – box of postcards I collected.

You see, at one time, I followed the trend to collect cool postcard designs. And I did this even when I was in Melbourne. So without further due, let me show you some of the cooler postcard designs I’ve kept from the hundreds which I hope goes to the recycling centre.

postcard nokia 3310
Fancy a Nokia 3310?

It was a shame to keep the Nokia 3310 postcards without folding them.


By the way, the Nokia 3310 was known as the brick phone because it was really durable. Sigh, I do miss my modified blue Nokia 3310 with white LED lights.

Only way out is in
Guess which company this is from

Not many may remember Gateway. But a quick recap is that it was acquired by Acer and after some looking into the Gateway website they actually continue to sell personal computers in the US. Never knew that. But let’s continue.

Connect the dots

I wonder what happened to that Bluehyppo. It was quite a good campaign. Well, moving on.

Say no
Or reconsider
Eating shark's fin

The series above was for an awareness campaign that shark fins may contain high levels of mercury.

So corrorfull
Corror me

Like the Nokia 3310, you can actually take out the Apple iPod’s from the postcard and place them in your hand. Then you can make it look like you owned one of them. Back then, it was not as affordable as it is now to own an Apple iPod.

I'm lovin' it

And to wrap up, I was surprised to find I had postcards which I could do that! LOL! So I guess this year’s spring cleaning did bring some good to me. 🙂