Idea: Have my seat please

Ever went to McDonalds or any self-serve eateries only to be frustrated to not be able to sit down with the tray of food you’re carrying? I bet we’ve all vented out our anger in silence during this scenario.

Well, I thought of this idea for a movement.

What if, after I finished eating, I let you have my seat because you’re carrying your tray of food. In addition, I’ve to clear my tray of food from the table to the designated spot.

left food tray at mcdonalds

Then, when the next person with a tray of food comes, you’ll let the person have your seat once you’re done and take your tray with you.

The condition of letting another person have your seat is that they must have a tray of food already.

This movement will prioritize the patrons who respect others eating there. It will educate patrons to clean up after themselves. Plus, it teaches us etiquette of not sitting down just to ‘choop’ a seat. And hopefully, teach other people’s children proper manners.

Viva la revolucion!