Future Celebrity

If I ever did become famous from blogging or my work or with Level5, I look forward to having this as my theme song.

Ladies and gents, I give you Muse’s new song; Uprising. I totally dig the chorus part of the song which goes:

They will not force us,
They will stop degrading us,
They will not control us,
We will be victorious.

Hell yeah! That last line is seriously the best-est part about the chorus.

To me, the chorus is like telling a story of how others have tried to put you down but you continue to thread on. No one could stop you and at the end of the day, we will be victorioussssssss! ­čśÇ

Malaysians, We Stand United

Tomorrow expect to see a group of people at Bangsar LRT station. If they’ve a piece of string or rope the length of their arm, they’re mostly there for the Tali Tenang random act.


This is being organized by Random Alphabets. The very same group who initiated the KL Freeze in Unison at Pavillion.

They’re back and this time it’s to show the country and the world, despite the mess this country falls in, we Malaysians believe in the spirit of Muhibbah. We, the Rakyat, remain calm and rational in our emotions. Not letting others who choose to disrupt our love for the country and its people, break us.

Like a strand of string or rope is easy to be cut, but a rope weaved with other ropes and string makes it tougher to be cut. ­čÖé

Find out more details of the Tali Tenang event on Facebook.

Updated: January 24, 2010

Malaysians for Unity, successful! ­čÖé

A Day of Irony

Call me crazy. Ever thought you were either psychic or for some odd reason able to foresee what’s about to happen? It’s like your train of thought somehow connects with the wavelength of the universe, and what you were thinking is brought up by someone else.

This was my day today. It was the day irony hit me. Twice!

Coincidence #1: Will hardcore online gaming substitute sex?

cad comic
Click to read

Comic credits: Ctrl-Alt-Del

In my own spaced out world, I think about stuff like, do Malaysian women outnumber Malaysian men? And today, this random thought of gaming junkies substituting their passion of World of Warcraft for sex came to me.

This was ironic because while I was speaking to my business partner, he passed me the link to read that comic. *psycho music plays*

Coincidence #2: New client who just paid Simpleet

I went to a client’s office today to collect a cheque. It’s an office which I’ve not been before and it was the first time for me to hear it’s name. Unknowingly enough, an agency contacts us and requests for a proposal to help their client build a website. And guess who the client was?

Exactly! It was the same one which I just visited to collect a cheque. The payment collected was for a smaller job and not their website. But seriously, what are the odds!

Thank goodness the day of irony ended there. If it finished somehow with deja vu, I’d be probably in my own universe by now.

Have you read this baloney?

I saw the New Straits Times (NST) on the dining table this morning and saw the headline of Malaysians missing. Like any concerned and loving Malaysian, I was wondering if they referred to the Haiti situation.

But then, some other article caught my attention on page 2 – though small. Heading reads “Beware Internet use”. OMGWTF!

Lots of Laughter with P1 Buddies at LOL Cafe, SS19 Subang Jaya

Met up with some P1 buddies (Veron, Kenny, Lawrence, Cynthia x2, Jason x2, Elroy and Trevor) last night for dinner together with Ariel. We ate at a new place to me called; LOL Cafe, located in SS19 Subang Jaya.

Being an Internetizen, LOL would’ve stand for Laugh Out Loud. But nope, it’s called Lots of Laughter or one of our friends said; Lots of Love. For good food.

Cynthia and her pinchers
Kenny sucking in
Veron talking to the crab
Jason digging in

The highlight of the dinner was indeed the grilled crab. Its meat was so fresh and sweet you could just eat and eat. Other than the crab, we also had:

  • Pork satay (yes, pork!)
  • Deep fried shrimp (Kenny and Veron agreed it had to have beer)
  • Chili┬álala (spicyness!)
  • Grilled┬ácockles┬á(me and Kenny were downing a plate)
  • BBQ lamb (a little on the salty side)
  • BBQ chicken wings (this was the bomb!)

And to accompany our food, some of us brought wine and alcohol. Seriously, it’s been a long time I had a hearty meal, good food, good wine and great company. All in one Friday night – awesomeness!

Elroy, Cynthia and Trevor
Veron and Lawrence
Veron and Me

As I said on my Facebook status…

Great food. Great friends. The only way to enjoy great company. ­čÖé

TGIF, yesterday.