A Day of Irony

Call me crazy. Ever thought you were either psychic or for some odd reason able to foresee what’s about to happen? It’s like your train of thought somehow connects with the wavelength of the universe, and what you were thinking is brought up by someone else.

This was my day today. It was the day irony hit me. Twice!

Coincidence #1: Will hardcore online gaming substitute sex?

cad comic
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Comic credits: Ctrl-Alt-Del

In my own spaced out world, I think about stuff like, do Malaysian women outnumber Malaysian men? And today, this random thought of gaming junkies substituting their passion of World of Warcraft for sex came to me.

This was ironic because while I was speaking to my business partner, he passed me the link to read that comic. *psycho music plays*

Coincidence #2: New client who just paid Simpleet

I went to a client’s office today to collect a cheque. It’s an office which I’ve not been before and it was the first time for me to hear it’s name. Unknowingly enough, an agency contacts us and requests for a proposal to help their client build a website. And guess who the client was?

Exactly! It was the same one which I just visited to collect a cheque. The payment collected was for a smaller job and not their website. But seriously, what are the odds!

Thank goodness the day of irony ended there. If it finished somehow with deja vu, I’d be probably in my own universe by now.