Partaying Pulp Fiction style

Yesterday night was a double event extravaganza for me. After attending the short session at WebcampKL, me and Ariel headed off to our friend’s birthday party. But since we were there earlier, with partially empty stomachs – gobbled some pizza at WebcampKL, we decided to nom a proper dinner.

As we finished chowing down on the om nom food at Fat Spoon Cafe, they started rearranging furniture in preparation for the partay of the night.

cafe transformationThe shifted tables to the side reminded me and Ariel of the classroom setting we used to do in schools whenever we needed to make space. Once the space was made, staff brought in few rolls of carpets and stacks of pillows. It was becoming like a sleepover. LOL! šŸ˜›

party foodOther than the nachos, there was popcorn which was repacked into nice paper cones and arranged on an egg rack – neato! These were just some of the tidbits while we had special condiments as it was a private function. šŸ˜›

screening and stickersIt was a night of fun fun fun and more fun. Our friend distributed stickers quoted from the movie, set the environment with large posters from Pulp Fiction including a private screening whilst everyone was mingling. And you guessed it, some of our other friends came dressed for the occasion – Pulp Fiction stylo. šŸ™‚

I guess as you mature, musical chairs are a thing of the past, replaced with more sophistication and grown up fun. ROFL!

It was a great night and do share what was your recent themed party.

Porking birthday at Cristang Restaurant, 8 Avenue

Yesterday may have been the most historical event in Malaysia this year, but we also had a porking good time celebrating a friend’s birthday during dinner. We paid a visit to Cristang Restaurant in 8 Avenue, Petaling Jaya.

cristang entrance

I didn’t notice a shop signboard so look out for the entrance design like the above – I had too as well. It’s a cozy place where you can expect friends and family to dine. We decided on the place to try out their pork burgers and basically, anything porked.

For appetizers, my fiance wanted to try the orgasmic mash potato – yes, it’s named that. And another friend asked for a dish made with sausages and anchovies (ikan bilis to Malaysians).

mash potato picture
Orgasmic mash potato
sausages with anchovies
Sausages with anchovies

I’m going to be honest. There was nothing orgasmic about the mash potato to me. Yes, it’s texture was good but I’ve tasted similar to it. Maybe what was missing was a touch of cheese to give it that kick. As for the sausages, there was a fair share but not enough to be distributed between 5 of us. Though taste wise, it was a little interesting.

For our mains, me and the birthday girl had pork burgers and another friend had pork steak. My fiance isn’t a big fan of pork so she settled with her favorite carbonara. While my friend’s boyfriend had the nasi lemak goreng.

basic pork burger
P1 pork burger

My burger was a simple one with pork patties and bacon. Once I squashed the burger down a little, my first bite of the burger tasted truly orgasmic. Simply because of the bacon and its fat mashed together with the meaty patty to give it that full taste. The only time I enjoyed a burger with bacon was in Melbourne – Hungry Jacks. And I still miss it.

cristang pork burger
P7 pork burger dubbed The Urban Legend

I’m not sure why the burgers are named P1 to P9 or P10, I think. But this urban legend comes with Chili Con Carne and a dash of what they call; petai sauce. Basically, you can find petai bits mixed in the grind meat.

pork steak
Pork steak

The 2 (or 3) pieces of pork steak looked enough to fill your stomach. When my friend cut me a piece, the meat was cooked just nice – not too tough. Though we both agreed it was a little salty. Not sure if the cause was from double seasoning.

Overall, food was satisfying and I wouldn’t mind having another bacon burger to fulfill my cravings. šŸ˜›

By the way, it’s recommended you make reservations before heading over. It wasn’t full when we were there, but it’s better to secure a place if you’re planning a visit.

Restaurant details

8 Avenue Business Centre,
Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1,Ā Seksyen 8,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Phone: 03-7956 7877

View larger map


Twitter: @mycristang

I am Neither woman Nor cat

Proof have shown to be famous online, you either have to be a woman or, a cat?!


I’ve got to give the cats that because even I admit, this video was uber cute even without the sound on. LOL! And if you want to laugh hard, listen to the voice-over. ROFL!

Okay, so I don’t have a pair of boobs and don’t intend to tape up myself to give me a cleavage, nor can I own a cat with my dogs. But here’s what I guess I can do.

cat gloves
cat gloves
cat gloves
cat gloves

Ariel bought the pair the of cat gloves when we were in Singapore for The Lion King. It cost SGD15 a glove from Otaku House in Suntec City Mall. At the same time, I also bought myself a hat which I’m not sure which anime it’s from but it looked cute, so yeah.

grey cat hat

We brought them along to Ariel’s birthday celebration for all friends to wear and pose. It was a really great addition to the celebration and I guess this why themed parties can be so much fun. šŸ™‚

Chronicles of Not so Life Changing events

Okay. Lots have happened since I last posted. Here’s what I remember from my spaced out world.

Strudels appreciation party

instagram pictureI got an invitation to the Strudels part to appreciate it’s current customers and business relations. And I guess you can call myself lucky for having a friend in Strudels who thought of me and my desire for yummy food – I devoured mostly salmon. LOL!

This was the same event Esty attended and I didn’t walk up to her to break the ice because it was only a lingering thought of familiarity when I saw her. Besides, I’ve not personally met her and I saved myself theĀ embarrassmentĀ – just in case.

Visit Esty’s blog to indulge in the food shots she took. Looking at them just made me missed my salmon. šŸ˜›

My birthday

LemeLemeOn this day, I pretty much gave work a miss and spent the rest of it indulging and enjoying myself. Me and Ariel popped into Empire Subang because we’ve not explored the place. Ending up in Serai to have lunch, which left my thought of the food to be like; Madam Kwan’s. But the food there is seriously not bad.

Later in the night, I met up with more friends to dine at Tenji in Solaris. If you hadn’t known, I’m quite theĀ JapaneseĀ (insert: food) lover. So if a Japanese place is suppose to have yummy food, you can bet that it’ll be on my must eat places. And that night, I seriously devoured a lot of salmon – practically cleared out 2 rows when it came out.


webcamp eventMy passion for the web is to also support events I know would lead to a greater cause. Ever since WebcampKL started last year, I’ve met and listened to great speakers. I don’t qualify as one of it yet because mine was a light hearted subject on Voltron. I can’t help being an 80s kid. šŸ™‚


Friend’s birthday

shoesWe celebrated a friend’s birthday at Sen Tsuru, Kota Damansara. Again, it’s another Japanese restaurant, buffet ala carte style. Different from Tenji since this buffet is only based on their ala carte menu. Nonetheless, we still got to indulge in salmon – what did I tell you. In addition, we got to try new and yummy dishes which we’ve now recognized this place.

Our party moved to Sunway Giza with some ice cream cake and coffee later. Oh, with some present exchanging. As for the presents received, the birthday girl got a useful tool. I’ll leave it as that.

SMCKL on Social Media ROI

smckl eventSMCKL or Social Media Club Kuala Lumpur is an event covering topics related to social media. The recent topic was on ROI with social media so I pulled Hawk along to attend this. But our worries became a reality the moment the speaker mentioned along the lines, “you’ll find it in our book”. Die.

The Lion King music at Marina Bay Sands

lion king musicalI’ve heard about The Lion King musical and I’ve watched Cats too, when they were in Malaysia. But having a strong feeling The Lion King won’t make it to our shores, me and Ariel made plans to head down to Singapore and catch it.

The show was well-worth paying SGB188 and the costume detailing was something not to be missed – cheetah scene still looks a little wrong to me. Since we got back, we’ve been telling all our friends it’s a show not to be missed – it’s on until May 31, 2011. Catch it if you can!

By the way, theĀ theaterĀ isn’t located at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I’m not sure what do they call the building with the retail outlets, theater and eateries. But it’s at the building opposite the Marina Bay Sands.

Besides the hotel’s weird spaceship top design, I was captivated and inspired by the exterior element of the building.Ā Look out for shimmering wall which creates a water motion when the wind blows in the day and night.


Nerf Tour 2 at Bukit Jalil park

NERF malaysia event

Besides passion for the web, I want Simpleet to be a supporter of passionate people. This was how we came to support the NERF Community in Malaysia. After attending the first event organized by them, I believed we could extend a hand to support a healthy activity which not only kids but young adults took part.

After some discussion and advice given to Brien, he took it on himself to make the event more successful. He’s managed to also get Hasbro Malaysia to be part of this. Job well done and we’re proud to be part of this event supportingĀ passionateĀ NERF players in Malaysia.

Taking ownership and initiation

I’ve also become the new president of my business network group; BNI Radiant, for dynamic and young-at-heart business owners.

The universe may have been working for me as I feel myself taking more ownership and initiation to what I do and can do.

Hence, I want to better commit myself to whatever I’m engaged in now; blogging, events, social media, work and whatever else I can do without hesitation. It’s not soon or later but now.