Porking birthday at Cristang Restaurant, 8 Avenue

Yesterday may have been the most historical event in Malaysia this year, but we also had a porking good time celebrating a friend’s birthday during dinner. We paid a visit to Cristang Restaurant in 8 Avenue, Petaling Jaya.

cristang entrance

I didn’t notice a shop signboard so look out for the entrance design like the above – I had too as well. It’s a cozy place where you can expect friends and family to dine. We decided on the place to try out their pork burgers and basically, anything porked.

For appetizers, my fiance wanted to try the orgasmic mash potato – yes, it’s named that. And another friend asked for a dish made with sausages and anchovies (ikan bilis to Malaysians).

mash potato picture
Orgasmic mash potato
sausages with anchovies
Sausages with anchovies

I’m going to be honest. There was nothing orgasmic about the mash potato to me. Yes, it’s texture was good but I’ve tasted similar to it. Maybe what was missing was a touch of cheese to give it that kick. As for the sausages, there was a fair share but not enough to be distributed between 5 of us. Though taste wise, it was a little interesting.

For our mains, me and the birthday girl had pork burgers and another friend had pork steak. My fiance isn’t a big fan of pork so she settled with her favorite carbonara. While my friend’s boyfriend had the nasi lemak goreng.

basic pork burger
P1 pork burger

My burger was a simple one with pork patties and bacon. Once I squashed the burger down a little, my first bite of the burger tasted truly orgasmic. Simply because of the bacon and its fat mashed together with the meaty patty to give it that full taste. The only time I enjoyed a burger with bacon was in Melbourne – Hungry Jacks. And I still miss it.

cristang pork burger
P7 pork burger dubbed The Urban Legend

I’m not sure why the burgers are named P1 to P9 or P10, I think. But this urban legend comes with Chili Con Carne and a dash of what they call; petai sauce. Basically, you can find petai bits mixed in the grind meat.

pork steak
Pork steak

The 2 (or 3) pieces of pork steak looked enough to fill your stomach. When my friend cut me a piece, the meat was cooked just nice – not too tough. Though we both agreed it was a little salty. Not sure if the cause was from double seasoning.

Overall, food was satisfying and I wouldn’t mind having another bacon burger to fulfill my cravings. 😛

By the way, it’s recommended you make reservations before heading over. It wasn’t full when we were there, but it’s better to secure a place if you’re planning a visit.

Restaurant details

8 Avenue Business Centre,
Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1, Seksyen 8,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Phone: 03-7956 7877

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mycristang

Twitter: @mycristang