Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

You’ve to be mad as a hatter, he said. How I’ve missed this line and it came back to life with Johnny Depp. In my childhood, it was classical Disney films from Pete’s Dragon and more.

mad hatter

Hello Wonderland

Reliving the tale foretold in a new generation put a new twist to its origin. Not to mention, it had a tinge of maturity in this new Alice. The environment to me was nothing to scream about but I loved the art direction. It was very well pulled off, keeping its original essence.

And indeed, you’ve to be mad as a hatter before watching this movie.┬áMeaning, I’d recommend you watch the original Disney cartoon before watching the movie. You’ll enjoy it more and relate to it better.

alice cartoon

The movie kept the more memorable moments from its history. That’s why I was saying you should watch the original cartoon. One of these moments was the smiling and disappearing Cheshire cat in the sky. Or, the red queen and her croquet stick.

Nonetheless, big thank you to Tim Burton in bringing this back to life. Modernizing the Disney story to young geeky kids today was a great idea. ­čÖé

Would I watch it again?

I’ve to say, no. Like the original fairy tale, the story is meant to be told and leave a memory. It’s left a sweet memory with me and kudos to Tim Burton on a job well done.

Would it be worth watching in 3D?

I’ve to say, I don’t have the slightest clue. I enjoyed the normal viewing already. Though my friends think there’ll definitely be an advantage with all the renders from the storming red knights to the fugly black creature.