Forget 1Malaysia, I want One Love

Passion for good music is in my blood. Thanks to my Dad I suppose. I’ve never loved any specific genre and have found myself enjoying and absorbing music from metal, pop, rock to even trance. And if there was 1 method I recall used to show unity and harmony, it’s music.

Remember, We Are the World?

Or, the song from Blue; One Love featuring Asian artists. The Malaysian artists involved were Ferhad, Ella and Fauziah Latiff.

Or, if you think it’s unfair to use international acts. Then,┬áhere’s our very own local act; Here in My Home, by The Malaysian Artistes for Unity (MAFU).

All the publicity and exposure surrounding the phrase; 1Malaysia, is becoming lame. You can get every company to stamp the 1Malaysia brand on themselves, but does it mean they’ve embraced the 1Malaysia spirit from within?

What are or have these companies done in spirit of 1Malaysia? Especially, if you took out their business from it and left the core of their company. Then, what have had they done for their Malaysian employees?

To stand for unity by emphasizing on a phrase is okay. But if there’s no spirit or energy to pass around, then what good is only shouting it at every corner?

Where is the love.