Movie Review: Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

I definitely had no expectations of Percy Jackson but me and Ariel just needed a movie to calm our thoughts. It’s been a great Chinese New Year and this movie was simpler said, entertaining.

Diving in and Hit it!

The plot started of okay but it got a little boring from the middle to the end. However, I seriously found the Computer Generated (CG) effects in the movie commendable. I really felt they did very well in creating the centaur and blending the daylight. Most of the time, we only see them in the dark night. Easier to not notice any imperfections. 😛

The story is great for a kid who loves to imagine they were superman. This creates another imaginary character for them to be submersed. A person who’s father is the God of the Sea and has the ability to control water. Coolness!

There were some bumps in the story I felt wasn’t told properly or enough. But I’ll leave that to you to find out later.

Is it worth rewatching?

Well, I’d skip to the interesting parts. Overall, maybe after a long time. Definite answer, I guess no. Sorry Percy.

However, I think it’s cool when my friend said it’s suppose to be revolving the story of Perseus.