Discovering back my undying love for anime

It’s been awhile since I had the leisure of watching my anime series. From secondary school to college, I watched anime titles like Gatekeepers, Hunter X Hunter, Studio Ghibli films, Akira, Ghost in The Shell and other anime titles which have been burned out and stored on the shelf. Some of these anime was even before the time Animax came to Malaysia.

Let me share with you 2 of the anime titles I’ve recently completed watching.

Hidan no Aria (Aria the Scarlet Ammo)

The story revolves around a male high school student, enrolled in a school where students learn the art of becoming professional hitman – ah, how we all dream of such schools. And as usual, you’ve got to have the girl who either wants to kill him, love him or probably both – she’s Aria.

What’s anime today without some sexual angle to it. 😛 Anyway, I felt this anime end the story at a cliffhanger. From what I’ve read online, there is the possibility of a 2nd season – which I hope. Because like some others said, some of the characters didn’t have much of a story to them.

High school DxD

This anime too revolves around the guy. It’s a story told of a war between devils, angels and fallen angels. Personal caution explicitly to this title because it reveals lots of boobs – unless you watch the censored version. Oh, come on. It’s only breasts in 2D. LOL!

It’s an interesting story to follow the development of the guy because he portrays someone who was weak, but because of his will to succeed, he would do anything for the lady he cherishes.

I seriously hope they’d make a 2nd season to this anime. Because again it felt like it left with a cliffhanger. And when I think about it, they wrapped up the ending really quickly. Not sure if it’s because like some have said online, the company producing this title was not allocating enough funds.

Sigh. Though I’ve some anime titles to catch up I feel stories of anime today are pretty boring. It’s more towards drama and some other spin-off which were similar to older anime titles. I miss genres with mecha like Full Metal Panic.


And, do you remembers this anime? Holler if you do.

Oh. oh. Before I forget. You should check out the new Thundercats 2011. It’s one of the pretty good cartoon makeovers I’ve watched to date.