Movie Review: The Princess and The Frog

Before there were computers, parents read us bedtime stories to sleep. Yes, we actually fell asleep to the voices of our parents and not the computer generated sound shouting; fire in the hole!

One of the classic stories bear the same title; The Princess and The Frog. Like a fairy tale, it’s about princesses, princes and happily ever afters. The same sort of stories Disney produced ever since the Mickey Mouse days.

Movie poster
Movie poster

Disney Twisted The Frog

However, this remake came with a twist. Instead of the old kissing the frog, living happily ever after, Disney gave their princess a whole new perspective – frog style.

The new story was entertaining and still true to the Disney style; singing, dancing, excitement (for kids) and romance. The scenes aren’t made to make you think or guess but watch. Viewing this movie with an open or childish mind would be best. Just pure fun.

However, Ariel did point out to me Disney has grown up. They killed a character in the movie. But come to think of it, has Disney killed more than 1 heroic character in the same film?

Would I watch it again?

Alone, no. But I would with my future kids. Because I believe all kids need a balance of fairy tale in their life.

It gives them imagination. 🙂