Movie Review: Book of Eli

I will NEVER EVER read a Wikipedia page on a movie, EVER AGAIN!

I wanted to find out if the movie storyline was derived from a myth or history. Unfortunately, I spoiled the surprise for myself – I read the plot of the movie. So I had no more surprises. 🙁

Watch it with an open mind

The choreography of the fight scenes was nothing to shout about. For some reason, I still found it slow with not enough impact. Maybe I’ve been watching too many kung-fu movies.

It’s a movie you need to watch with an open mind and heart to enjoy. I can’t mention even a slightest clue because if I did, it’ll spoil the subject of the story already.

However, I would say I really liked how this movie has interpreted its message and core of the subject. It relates itself in the movie without harming others – mentally.

So here I’d ask, what would you do if an apocalyptic event occurred and you survived?

Is it worth watching again?

Yes, twice only for me. Because you can only read a book so many times before you already memorize it. 🙂