Movie Review: How to train your dragon (not in 3D)

On Sunday, me and Ariel spontaneously decided to book and catch the dragon movie; How to train your dragon. It was quite last minute and weird being able to book the tickets online at Cineleisure about 2 hours before the movie. Though, I’m very much thankful for it. 🙂

Being an animated film, DreamWorks brought the best out of this movie. With much thanks also to the great designers, animators and actors/actresses who lent their voices.

I was seriously impressed by the character designs. They were very detailed down to the tooth and the dragons were very well thought about. It would be really cool to find out what inspired the final designs of the dragon characters. Because I don’t think it’s the actors/actresses.

I did read in the comments of the YouTube video below, a dragon was designed similar to Stitch from Lilo & Stitch because it’s the same director.

It didn’t have a Disney ending

Disney prefers to keep their movies very happily ever after. Well, this movie doesn’t really follow it. Your kids might be a little shocked, but truth be told, it’ll be like a reality lesson. But if you’re not a kid, you’ll seriously enjoy this entertaining movie about dragons.

I know I did. 😛

Would I rewatch the movie?

That’s a yes from me. Though I’m still pondering if I should check out the 3D version of it. So if you do watch it in 3D, please let me know and tell me why you liked it in 3D. 🙂