Malaysians Are Natural Born Kissers

I’m serious. We’re so good at it because we practice our lip puckering nearly wherever we are. However, not all of them pucker up to deliver or receive a kiss.

Instead, someone in this world thought it would be cool if sound came out from the puckered lips. Here came the annoyingly disrespecting sucking while you puckered your lips sound.

Most of its users I’ve come by are wannabe punks. They are either very young (around 12 year olds) to 20s looking young adults sitting at mall stairs.


Most often, they’ll do their horny call to the young lasses who pass by. Merely to attract attention and laugh among themselves if the person does turn their head and look at them.

This call of the wild is also used at mamak hangouts. The patrons aren’t wannabe punks but I guess it shows what type of character or mentality and respect they have for the people working there.


Image: Wikipedia

By the way, what’s so hard about raising your hand and waving it around. It’s not like you’ll fumigate your neighbors with horrible body odor from your armpits.


No wonder Malaysians are more and more becoming natural born kissers. Because all they’re doing now and teaching the younger generation is to pucker up and sound like their sucking the water out from the oxygen in the air. *slaps forehead*