The house I would own

Over mamak last night, Hawk asked what features would our house have if money wasn’t an issue. And what surprised me was whatever ideas I had in mind was very realistic and well…mature. LOL!

So allow me to invite you into my soon-to-own home, when money isn’t a problem. 😉

High ceiling living room

You’ll find my house with lots of room to move and breathe. Plus, there will be ample natural light thanks to the large windows, especially in the living room.

Lots of space

I wouldn’t have a glass balcony for the safety of our children. But our model home would still feel spacious enough for you to just chillax. 😀

Infinity pool overlooking garden

And when you walk out from the living room, you’ll find the infinity pool overlooking the garden area with space for kids to run around while chasing the family dogs. At the corner, a barbeque pit for the weekend get togethers with family and friends. But let me show you upstairs.

Every woman's dream now

One of the wants of every woman now is a walk-in wardrobe – same here. It’s a space for clothes alone – keeping clutter away from the bedroom. I like. 😉

Personal home theater

Then because me and Ariel are avid movie and anime watchers, this room makes it perfect to watch Hayao Miyazaki films and enjoy loud laughters with friends whenever we even watch our TV series. Woot!

I've always wanted that ladder!

But of course, a library for us and kids to work or study. I’m not sure why the ladder fascinates me but I’ve always found it a must-have whenever I think of a library. Maybe it’s because of a movie I recall where the person slides from one end to the other on it. LOL!

Indoor basketball court - booyah!

And finally, as I take you round the back of our house. Let show you our indoor basketball court!

Well, thanks for coming to visit us. I hope you’ve liked our humble abode and do drop by again when we have barbeques. Now if you’ll excuse me, the kids wish to escape the heat and hit the pool. CANONBALL! 😀

Recent Gist of My Life

I’ve not been putting my mind much into writing. It’s been visualizing what I wanted to write more than penning it down. Hence, I’ll share snapshots of my recent activities.

Having dinner with t00tie
Relearning to tell my business story in 1 minute
Quenching my thirst until 12:30am
Found this representation confusing
Visited the Cosplay-Comic-Anime-Games-Exhibition in Tropicana Mall and found Danboard
Bought my new favourite bubble tea but found the quality not as good that day
Found out I got an unknown cut - not sure if it was from basketball

That pretty much was the gist of my life last week. Obviously excluding the meals and sleep – work too. And wished it didn’t rain as much in the evening because I wouldn’t get to practice my basketball much and get some much needed exercise.

Other than that, my life has been pretty casual and by June/July, I’d definitely be feeling I need an exit from Malaysia awhile. An island or Singapore getaway might be good. Or maybe, just a weekend escape to the mountains. Hmm…

Malaysians Are Natural Born Kissers

I’m serious. We’re so good at it because we practice our lip puckering nearly wherever we are. However, not all of them pucker up to deliver or receive a kiss.

Instead, someone in this world thought it would be cool if sound came out from the puckered lips. Here came the annoyingly disrespecting sucking while you puckered your lips sound.

Most of its users I’ve come by are wannabe punks. They are either very young (around 12 year olds) to 20s looking young adults sitting at mall stairs.


Most often, they’ll do their horny call to the young lasses who pass by. Merely to attract attention and laugh among themselves if the person does turn their head and look at them.

This call of the wild is also used at mamak hangouts. The patrons aren’t wannabe punks but I guess it shows what type of character or mentality and respect they have for the people working there.


Image: Wikipedia

By the way, what’s so hard about raising your hand and waving it around. It’s not like you’ll fumigate your neighbors with horrible body odor from your armpits.


No wonder Malaysians are more and more becoming natural born kissers. Because all they’re doing now and teaching the younger generation is to pucker up and sound like their sucking the water out from the oxygen in the air. *slaps forehead*