What other ways can an umbrella be used for besides shading from the Sun and the rain?

Well, if I happened to stumble into a time machine and went back into the dinosaur age, my umbrella would be my new best friend.

Hiding from the Nufflesaurusses
Hiding from the Nufflesaurusses

Other uses for the umbrella are aplenty

If you love to Instagram and want to spice up your picture.

Use an umbrella as a prop
Use an umbrella as a prop

If you’re having a bad day and want to fly away.

Use an umbrella and be Mary Poppins

If you feel unsafe walking around.

Use an umbrella like a samurai

Lastly, this is not really a use for an umbrella, but…ah, I don’t know what to call it.

Eye catcher?
You tell me.

I was initially thinking of using a Japan GT grid girls photo, but I’ve not attended that event before. So…keep it in your pants. 😛