Watashi wa Danny desu. Dozo yorushikku.

Onamae wa?

I’ve officially started my Japanese lessons and already I’m rather nervous. My 1st class experience began with some students from a level higher mistaking the class. One of them was a girl who figured she was always right and didn’t want to admit that her class was relocated until proven wrong by her own classmate. *facepalm*. Not to mention she didn’t admit her mistake after. -_-!!!

Anyway, teacher of the class was a petite Japanese lady named; Obata. It was shocking the moment she started teaching because she verbalized what we needed to learn that day very clearly – voice raised a little. But it did help, as I could hear the pronunciation of words

And the 2 hour lesson went by very quickly. By the end of the class, all I could think of was “how am I going to remember all of this?”

I’ve never been a star student in school. Spent more hours in the pool than in books. Plus from my experience, I’ve learnt better from copying homework than memorizing. Die.

Hmm… maybe I should go get an exercise book and write 1-2 pages of the same thing so I can remember it better. 😐