Tip the scale for once

The best thing about being in a business platform with many other business owners is that you can call them your business colleagues. Some of which I know more closely and have become friends. Thus, I can brag that I’ve got around 500 business colleagues which I network with for business. 😀

Then, one of them recently co-wrote a book and released it for pre-orders. It’s stories detailing the dirty tricks business owners have used to win business. Be it under the table, sexual favours and other unethical means of securing the wanted accounts.

In conjunction with this book launching, I’ve participated in their contest giveaway on Facebook. The rules are simple. They snapped my photo and included my selected caption. All I have to do is get as many people to click Like on this photo.


And yes, that is how I look like when I suit up. Very different, no? By the way, ignore the Dragonball hair. It’s like that whenever my hair is rather thick and it needs trimming. It was deem a bad hair day. 😛

Now, I know I’m no chic. And it sounds far fetched to even go head-to-head against one, but can’t blame me for trying. So, if you’re a person (guy or girl) who wants to tip the scales for once, please follow this link to the photo on Facebook and click Like!