From a mall to another mall

We were on a mall frenzy today. First, it was off to the new Setia City Mall in Setia Alam. Using the NKVE, it took us no more than 15 minutes to get there. When we arrived, I noticed the surrounding land was still in heavy development. You’d not miss the mall from the road because it had huge open space around it being developed and it was the only building there. Plus, its exterior design is uncommon.

Told ya it was uncommon

We commuted all the way there because UNIQLO had a special opening sale for selected items. One of it Ariel calls; jeggings. Its leggings but the fabric used is similar to jeans. And it did look like them!

Lucky for me, they were also having special prices on their plain t-shirts. They were only RM9.90 than the standard RM19.90. These were great because I could wear them either at home or even out. Bought 5 pieces – win!

Then the moment we walked out of UNIQLO, not far down from it, we entered a shop called; Typo. It was owned by Cotton On, but selling stationary stuff. We found some neat items to be used during our wedding, so we just bought them.

Thus, total damage at this point was already RM388.

Back to familiar territory

One of the things me and Ariel talked about on our way back from Setia Alam was, would we consider living there? Because it’s a far distance to travel especially if your job is located in Kuala Lumpur. And my answer was, if you were to live in an area that distant, you’re likely to do everything in that area.

It’s kind of like how I’ve grown up where I live in. I don’t venture too far outside of it because I already have what I need in the area.

We stopped at Citta Mall for lunch since we’ve not been there yet. This was the 2nd mall we hit. However, I felt like I won’t know what’s available here unless I literally walked the whole place. You can’t see all store signs from the open air car park.

I don't even recall seeing a Harvey Norman signage

We went to lunch at a restaurant we’ve not been before called; Baci. The food was only so-so. My wedges on the side were tough and cold, as though it’s been pre-cooked and left aside. Drinks on the other hand was pretty good. Their Lemon Cooler (lemonade) was really refreshing.

Note though, prices were on the pricier side.

Quarter roast chicken

Order of quarter roast chicken, aglio olio with added mushroom, lemon cooler and ice lemon tea came up to RM48.

Wannabe property investors

Once our tummies were full, we paid a visit to a property show gallery nearby to kay-poh. The moment we walked in, agents were on the top of their toes to sign you in, answer your questions and gear you towards investing in the property.

It was really good service yet intimidating, because I could feel the vibe that they really wanted you to buy. I’m not sure if all property galleries were this way, but I guess that’s how they’d really close a sale.

So by the time we got home, it was really nice to finally not have to drive everywhere. It was finally time to kick back and relax. Especially in this crazy heat weather now.