Sayonara RM50

When it’s so easy to blame someone else, you can’t help but do it. I suppose that’s why we’re mere humans. Kind of like acting on impulse then only reflecting on your actions later.

Well, it was farewell to a modem I bought back in July 2010. I’ve not had to replace it since I bought it thanks to my surge protector – first device which blows when lightning hits. But in the end, I guess my poor ol modem departed for hardware heaven due to keeping it switched on nearly 24/7.

I’ll miss you dear ol modem. Your bright LED lights were way more attractive than this other boxy modem I have with only tiny¬†embarrassing¬†squares for LEDs. Plus, I loved your sexy curved size as compared to this bento box shaped new modem I have. I will miss you…and my RM50 for replacing you.

On another note

Who bled on mah mail?!!!

Crap! Now I’ve an added hatred towards those damn spam flyers dropped into your mailbox. The blardy ink can run and cause something like this.

OH MY GOD?!!! I pray my Nuffnang cheques inside them are safe. *fingers crossed*