Recent Gist of My Life

I’ve not been putting my mind much into writing. It’s been visualizing what I wanted to write more than penning it down. Hence, I’ll share snapshots of my recent activities.

Having dinner with t00tie
Relearning to tell my business story in 1 minute
Quenching my thirst until 12:30am
Found this representation confusing
Visited the Cosplay-Comic-Anime-Games-Exhibition in Tropicana Mall and found Danboard
Bought my new favourite bubble tea but found the quality not as good that day
Found out I got an unknown cut - not sure if it was from basketball

That pretty much was the gist of my life last week. Obviously excluding the meals and sleep – work too. And wished it didn’t rain as much in the evening because I wouldn’t get to practice my basketball much and get some much needed exercise.

Other than that, my life has been pretty casual and by June/July, I’d definitely be feeling I need an exit from Malaysia awhile. An island or Singapore getaway might be good. Or maybe, just a weekend escape to the mountains. Hmm…