My liang po po

When my grandmother passed away roughly 5 years ago, I was furthering my studies in Melbourne. I got one of those calls, from my Dad in Malaysia telling me not to worry and I didn’t have to return to Malaysia. Many thoughts crossed my mind, but I just said okay and found friends to console during this period.

My popo is always watching over me

I notice half the time, my dreams are visualized as I’m about to wake up and yesterday was one those times. As much as it was me worried about work, and being stressed it, the last bit of my dream left me awoken in an emotional state.

The last bit was arms wrapping me from behind and a whisper from an assuring voice I recognized very well, my grandmother. While others have their passed relatives shared 4D numbers with them, my grandmother just said:

Don’t worry, everything will be okay.

I woke up in a state of tears. Not only because I loved and missed my grandmother very much, it really gave me the feeling she’s always watching me.

Thanks popo.