Buying online from Zalora

I was fortunate to receive shopping vouchers from Zalora recently and this gave me a good enough reason to try out their online shopping experience. “Who wouldn’t shop for free, right?” 😛

Plus, this came about the right time when my old pair of Adidas shoes decided to develop a weird hole at the bottom of it. *jump for joy*

Facepalm moment

Honestly, I got mixed up between Zalora and Lazada. Yes, I make such mistakes as well because besides a pair of shoes, I’ve been looking around for a pair of new headset.

What’s the difference? Zalora is an online store for apparel, shoes and accessories to go with your fashion outlook. Lazada is an online store for buying computers, hardware and gadgets. So yeah, facepalm moment.

Mah new goods from Zalora

I really love my new shoes! Because the blue is really striking and it’s not easy to come by a pair like this. In addition, material isn’t suede so I wouldn’t have to worry too much about water stains.

Color is awesome, right? Right?

It was pretty easy shopping at their website and it’s my very first time buying shoes and apparel online. I’ve always been skeptical when it came to buying this stuff online because you can’t try them before you buy it.

Thankfully, my shoes fitted nicely – even with socks. On the other hand, I had to exchange the shirt I bought – a little tight.

1 size small for me
M-size was a little tight for me

Thankfully, Zalora was prepared for this. It took me a little while to confirm if they did because the information on the website only spoke about returns, not exchanges.  Even after I did find a mentioned word about exchanges, I used their online chat support to confirm and verify the exchange process.

Instead of a 1-to-1 exchange programme, they require customers to return the goods via courier with tags attached in its original packaging including the Zalora box – mine was big due to the shoes. Good thing though is they’ve already included a return PosLaju slip for you, so you bear no cost for returns. However, while I was at the post office, I was still asked to fill up another pink slip. *shrug*

Then, once they acknowledge receival of the returned goods, they’ll refund you back in store credits so you can use it to purchase the same product again with a different size or even, a different product.

So far it’s been a good experience, besides the bump when you have to do a size exchange. But I guess the only way to not feel it as much is you either luck out with the right size or make the returns less troublesome for customers – which is what Zalora did.

Now, if only I could do more “free shopping”. LOL!