I’m not a yellow tea pot

Today is June 11, 2012. It’s the 9th year of our steady relationship. The fact is not all of 3285 days has been steady in our relationship. And I would be lying if I were to say it’s been perfect. You know I say this because I’m honest to myself and to others. So just allow me to say this.

I know I have made you disappointed. I know I have made you cried. I know there have been things I did and still do which frustrate you. I know I have made you laugh. I know I have made you smile. I know there are things I can still do in my life with you.

I know you dislike surprises. More so, when I already told you. I know after we argue, you don’t like me near you. I don’t know though what happens from here. I do know though you’ll be by my side here.

P.S.: Here was your surprise.