Everything is AWESOME

When I first heard about the LEGO movie, I really had no expectations of it and jumped to the conclusion it was a movie for kids. Boy, was I wrong.

I liked the script for the movie because of all the jokes they managed to pack into it. Sure, some of them may have sounded slapstick but hey, it’s a LEGO movie. So chill out and enjoy.

And if you’ve read my article on Frozen, you’d know the music in a movie to me plays a large role in making it good. Though this movie had more environmentally filling tunes, there will be without a doubt 1 song you will not be able to help yourself, but feel happy later.

Wrapping this up. The movie was really really well done. LEGO managed to rekindle the magic of my memories playing with it and I loved the simple message; allow imagination to be free. Ooh ooh…and I was really curious how much of the movie was animated and how much stop motion was shot because (yes, everything was awesome) the render was so near to the actual LEGO tile!