Wierdest moments to Twitter

Immersing myself in social media has been really fun. It was great reconnecting in Friendster, to finally easily engage friends in Facebook and share my thoughts in 140 characters.

But here I was thinking, what would be the weirdest moments to Twitter.

While crapping or peeing

If you’re crapping seated down is fine. Manageble squatting. But I definitely don’t want to touch your device if you did it peeing. Yuck.

While delivering a baby

As much as friends would congratulate you, I don’t think you’d want the blood weak ones to faint by seeing all that blood or your v-jay-jay. Lol.

While you’re having sex

If you did, you’re plain weird or plain uninterested. Or, you just wanted the world to know you slept with a hooker.

So I’m pretty sure you’d have other weird moments in mind, do share 1 of your spaced out thoughts. 🙂