The world will miss you Steve

Woke up to the morning feeling everything is as it is. Util I saw CNN doing a segment on Apple. Curiously watching on, my Dad injected the news which gave me a shock – Steve Jobs passed away. What?!

So my Dad added, Steve was battling pancreatic cancer. And in my mind I was thinking, didn’t he resign not too long ago. Man, Steve knew it was coming and he exited at the right time. Weirdly but true, people who know they are going and make the necessary preparations like this amaze me. It’s like their foresight is looking into the future.

Sigh. I’m really going to miss Steve’s presentation and presence. He inspired me and continues to inspire me as a presenter. I’m going to miss you Steve. The world, is going to miss you.

RIP Steve Paul Jobs

Rest in peace.