My sneakers last too long

As much as it means for a guy to be realistic, I WANT A NEW PAIR SNEAKERS! 🙁 I’ve been awing at so many pairs of sneakers while window shopping it feels like a sin to buy them! Is that even possible?

Sneakers I own

I’m not a die-hard sneakers fan but I never knew my 3 pairs of Adidas shoes would last THIS long. The furthest to the left if I recall has been nearly 5 years or more. The middle pair is the limited edition New York I got for myself while studying in Melbourne – that’s been SEVEN years now. And the furthest to the right was a pair I bought on impulse – yes, guys do it too.

But as much as I want to own a new pair of kicks, my conscious mind reminds me “Danny, you don’t need a new pair because you’ve not worn out your other pairs of sneakers yet.” T_T

Sigh. How-la?! Some more coming towards end of the year, Chinese New Year coming and though it’ll be nice to own a new pair of shoes, I could technically use the money buying a new pair of Dockers – which I want too.

How do you women do it?!!!!