Is the big bang theory too smart for people?

Ever since catching part of an episode from The Big Bang Theory at my cousin’s place during Chinese New Year this year, I’ve hunted down Season 1 to 4. Plus, I was reminded of the show again during one of the WebcampKL meetups, when a snippet was shown by Felix that night.

Let me tell you that this is no ordinary comedy and you may need an outrageous IQ to fully enjoy the show. Back in school, physics to me was an oversized man who just talked and talked. Or, how shall I put it, blah blah blah. Yes, science was never made fun. Sigh.

Maybe Mr.Bean would've made a better teacher

So, anyway. When I was watching the 1st episode with Ariel, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the series because you could say, it made me feel really dumb whenever scientific stuff came up. Thankfully, writers were smart enough to throw in a hot chic, whose character’s IQ wasn’t of a braniac but a normal person. Phew.

Don't have to guess who's Penny here, right?

There was an episode where I couldn’t really stand Sheldon. It’s the dude on the left in the image above, if you’re still guessing. Sheesh. I don’t even know how could you have thought he was a Penny.

Anyway, being smart is one thing, being really ignorant and obnoxious for being smart is another. Many times I could’ve imagine murdering someone like Sheldon over and over. It’s really a miracle someone with that characteristic has friends and they’ve stuck by him.

While I’m still early in the series, I hope Sheldon’s character develops further and he doesn’t get worst.

And it shudders me to think on this planet, in some building, on some floor, there really is a person (or persons) exactly like Sheldon. Brrr.