Party with the Dead

Had to get up at 7:00am today because parents scheduled one of our cheng beng (ching ming) visits on this fine day of morning rain. Argh, I can only imagine what it would’ve felt sleeping in the weather under my warm blanky. Oh well.

We had to drive to Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih. My mama’s (Dad’s mother) ashes is placed there. It was quite a distance making our way there from Petaling Jaya, although we took the Balakong highway and headed on to the LEKAS highway.

Besides the good in paying respects to the passed relatives during this season, I’ve found this period the time when families will get together. Other than, Chinese New Year.

We’ll be praying, burning papers (forgive us, Mum) and later, sitting around talking to one another. The talking is to pass the time while our passed relatives get to spiritually eat the offerings we’ve made for them at the altar.

Seriously, I felt it was a time of bonding. Though my Dad and brother (Gary) were talking about buying and selling of cars. How to get bang for your buck, so to speak.

After we got back, we were saying “we partied with the dead”. Hence, the title.

Then, I followed up with the line “introducing a new scent; Death”. LOL!

Well, this season doesn’t have to be all gloom, right? 😉