The Recesky Twin Lens Reflex camera kit

Not so long ago, friends of mine bought me the Recesky twin lens reflex camera kit of my birthday. And not so many days ago, I finally assembled it and to my surprise, it was orange! Woot!

Orange orange?

For those who didn’t know, orange is one of my favourite colours. Beats me why orange, it just stuck. And yes, that’s the camera front completed. Also, I’d like to add turning those 2 knobs where the lens is located is tough. After prolong turns, my fingers felt like I carried heavy durians bare handed.

This is a classic camera where the viewfinder is at the top. Though the focus is more manual by turning those front knobs, I’ve so far measured the focal distance to be approximately 30cm. Though reading online, some say the distance is capable of 60cm?! 0.0

No hawt chic nearby so Danboard had to do

When I first completed the camera, me and Ariel thought whether this camera could really be used because the translucent plastic protecting the mirror inside made everything really blurry – until we noticed it had to do with the focus knobs on the front.

Looking through the viewfinder

I’ve turned the front knobs as much as my fingers could tolerate, ending up with a fixed 30cm focusing distance now. All that’s left is to buy me some film and experiment with this camera. 🙂

Here are more angles of the Recesky twin lens reflex camera kit: