It’s really been a testing month for me. My patience and my positivity most of all.

Whoever said a wedding is affordable, fuck you. Just admit you didn’t want to create the memorable wedding and you didn’t want to make it happen.

Hotels in KL are charging exorbitantly for their ballrooms from minimum of RM1800 not including the 16% service charge and government tax. And, there aren’t Chinese restaurants which are nice yet cater to non-halal patrons. If you’re an entrepreneur in F&B, think about that.

Work too has been crazy. Malaysian clients think time stops for them and assume everything can be done very quickly. When you explain to them, they think you’re the one giving excuses, instead of using their ears to listen.

Well, I can’t wait to start on our side project. It’ll channel new breath and a different scenery. No more need to explain to people who don’t listen in the first place.

Can’t wait for September to start and leave this grey hair manifestation month of August.


What is money?

Money doesn’t make the world go round. The universe does. Money doesn’t always make you happy. The state of your mind does. Money doesn’t tell you what’s right from wrong. The state of your consciousness does. Money doesn’t have to be the carrot for everyone.

It’s not for me. What I do is what I love. What I love is spacing out, creating ideas, the Internet and forming new relationships to share this love.

looking up to the sky
Do you dream of bigger things?

If money is what makes your world spin, wouldn’t your world end when you die? Wouldn’t your ideal world disappear then?

We live a life of choice. The choice you make creates your world which you will live today, tomorrow and the day after.

My choice is money is what I need, not what I love.

Money is Depression

If I was ever diagnosed with depression, one of its causes would be money. Yes, I blame the currency for what it’s worth to force a person into a depression. Not only in mind, but in heart. It weakens my mental state horrendously and creates an unstable rhythm of my pulsing heart.

It’s not that I can’t save. It’s not that I don’t have money. But the sheer topic of discussion when you need more of it, is simply depressing. More so, when you can’t vent it out and scream.

I don’t have enough money! Damnit!

And I really treasure the moments when I either don’t have to think about it, or worry about it. Maybe it’s my laid back nature. I don’t want to have to stress over something so trivial. I want to live a happy life without worry and depression.


Alas, money can never leave anyone alone. Its value is too high and over appreciated today. Everyone with little money and too much money suffer depression. If not every second, every day in their life they’ll cross upon a moment they think of money.

Money is too commercial. Its used for nearly anything.

Sigh. Money is depression.