Missrepresentation of women

At one time in my life, I made a personal vow to myself.

Never to have to see a girl cry or let her experience sadness.

Here on, it was really about being the shoulder any girl friend needed. Being the person who’d listen and being that extra friend whom she may need.

If you’d ask why this came about? It was just a decision which came to me, which I personally felt I wanted to do. It was because of the ladies but it was more so because scenes of their sadness made me depressed.

When I watched a video shared by my friend, I couldn’t help but feel depressed, disappointed and moved by its truth and the feeling you know, you want to support this.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2UZZV3xU6Q]

Though women are the ultimate sexual symbol of life, it worries me to believe how its current state would affect not only the US, but the minds of our own children to come.

Just think about it. What if you have a daughter now? What if you had a daughter today? How will they grow up in a society and environment which doesn’t acknowledge their intellectual (as the girl in the video says) or at least, acknowledge them as a potential equal if not greater to the opposite sex?

I’m a normal, sometimes spaced out guy, who believes women have the power too. And if we’re unobservant of this lifestyle, now’s the time to be aware and start thinking about it.

For the benefit of your daughters and daughters to come.