My memorable April Fools

Y’know what everyone. Blogging has been always a part of me. It’s been an extension of my thoughts. However, like growing up, we come to a crossroad in our life to decide what we would want to do now. I even play less computer games now with other activities occupying my daily time, like exercise, reading and work. I’ve also been blogging less frequently with less spark to ignite my burning desire to write about my day. It’s just come to that time to bid adieu. Thank you…



By the way, April Fools Day. And I’m here to stay, still. 😉

So my still memorable prank was back in primary school. I was a prefect back then and call it abusing my power, but I guess you can’t help from being a kid on this day. What I did was what 1 of my friends did to me.

I told another friend (not a prefect) that the disciplinary teacher was looking for him. Being a prefect, he believed me. So I guess he was quite pissed off when he got back and found out it was actually an April Fools joke. :p

One of the more worst pranks my friends have pulled off though is putting pieces from a ping pong ball into a small foil wrap, light it and let it smoke. The smell was horrendous. This was my first encounter with what was known as the stink bomb.

Ah, those were the days of being a kid without sense of responsibility to your actions. Lol.