The Prime food experience

It was Hawk’s birthday and being meat eaters, we wanted to carve our teeth into Le LeMeridien’s Prime. Said to be THE steak restaurant by many, so we decided to celebrate it there. Though we went in with lowered expectations asย hearsay was the steaks weren’t as what it used to be. *shrug – first timer here*

Rustic luxurious setting

From a raised platform where you enter, you can overlook the restaurant and within a head’s turn you can see into the kitchen. It felt really posh. ๐Ÿ™‚

Grand, no?

Though the seats are really spacious, I’d say they were probably fitted for larger-sized Western bodies. But as Asians, our size definitely gives us the advantage to maneuver better in them. ๐Ÿ˜›

Onward to the food

For starters, me and Ariel shared had their signature lobster bisque. The external view reminded me of Dome’s pie except this was much much much better. Because the crust was very thin. And as you dig into it, you’ll find the hidden soup. It was truly a great dish though it became a tad salty for me as I finished it.

Signature Wagyu

Hawk treated himself with their Wagyu. It was a truly majestic piece of meat. But to be honest, I found the texture incomparable to my superior Kobe. Muahahahhaha! ๐Ÿ˜›

Kobe oyster blade steak

Okay. It was my first time having Kobe. But I loved every single piece of milky smooth cut of my steak which slid in my mouth. Mmmmmm…oh, I’m so spoiled now! LOL!

Steak burger

Ariel had their steak burger and it was really a platter for a horse. Besides the burger, you’ve got thick-sized fries with a small serving of salad.

Prime was a great experience. At least we know now what the food tastes, though we may not come here as often due to the price of parking plus food.ย Also, I’d be lying if we weren’t comparing Prime with our favourite steak hangouts; Las Vacas.

It was a mixed result between friends and it may not stand as a fair comparison since Las Vacas grills their meat with only salt and pepper – no marination. Thus, I’ll leave my final say out until I get a serving of Kobe at Las Vacas.

Who’s with me? ๐Ÿ˜€

The Italian Lunch

Burp! Whoops. Excuse moi. It must have been the most awesome beef lasagna I’ve tasted – ever.

Me, Ariel and Hawk went to lunch at the Favola Italian Restaurant in Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur. Obviously being Malaysian, we only went there because we had a bargain to enjoy. Lol. So don’t think I get to enjoy this kind of lunch ever so often, okay?! ๐Ÿ˜›

Bread, meet readers. Readers, meet bread.

The last time I spoke about bread was my date night with Ariel at Opus Bistro. Over back at Favola, we were served 5 types of bread – yes, each bread stick was different too. I don’t know their names but let’s call them; bread stick, chilli stick, pie stick, fluffy bread and chilli bread.

The chilli stick and chilli bread had some chilli flakes mixed into it. I guess it’s to give our Malaysian taste buds that kick we need most of the time. The pie stick texture taste reminded me of what you’d get when you ate chicken pie or puffs, hence the name I chose; pie stick. LOL!

We couldn’t really enjoy the vinegar with olive oil because there was too much olive oil. The only thing the bread absorbed was oil, as much as we did our best to drill the bread to the bottom.

squid ink pasta
Squid ink pasta

This was Hawk’s dish and I was really captivated by the colour. You hardly find restaurants who serve this actually get the squid ink colour correct. Mixed with some chilli flakes, this serving was light and it should be enjoyed by those who don’t like an overpowering flavour.

If only it were real bacon

Those are beef bacon – not bacon bacon. ๐Ÿ˜› But the best part of this dish was the pasta. Its texture is completely different from what I’ve tasted. The sauce didn’t look too thick and the serving would be just nice for a guy.

Introducing Wagyu lasagna

Yes, this signature dish of Favola has got Wagyu beef cheeks in it. And it was all mine! Bwahahahahaha! The Wagyu pieces were just nice in size and without having to say much, it was tender when chewed. It gave the whole lasagna taste in your mouth a different feeling. And, don’t underestimate the portion because it’s just nice. Plus, we didn’t even order starters.


Hawk tried their Tiramisu and yes, the glass was bigger than your normal serving. It was about 4-5 inches tall. Though those bubbles were quite the fugly when you stare at it. LOL!

Like miners, me and Hawk dug into the Tiramisu figuring out where is the coffee – we heard rumors of Illy coffee in it. ๐Ÿ˜›

It was a really satisfying lunch and the 3 of us nearly wanted to roll out of the restaurant. Its setting was a classic masquerade with comfy chairs, which I believe come night, there’ll be a lot of people. So, if you’re planning to head there for some Wagyu lasagna, make sure you make reservations.

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