Bukit Utama 9-hole golf course

My buddy; Philip, called me one weekend asking if I wanted to go for a round of golf. Since I rarely get the chance to play nowadays, because of quorum (number of people), I jumped at the opportunity for a round.

We teed off at the Bukit Utama 9-hole golf course. It’s been ages since I’ve played there. My last game was with my brothers and Dad which we’d normally complain how the course wasn’t well managed and it was a sheer mosquito zone. Alas, that was 2 years ago.

With Bandar Utama’s The Club now, I’d say they’ve done a pretty good job overhauling the place and the course. The surrounding development definitely helped the course – removing most of the mosquito breeding grounds. So playing the course was way better than back then.

bukit utama golf course
3rd last hole

I wouldn’t say they got rid of the mosquito problem, I wish they did, but at least you don’t smack yourself around as much now. And for a Sunday afternoon session, it was a nice time because there wasn’t many groups – no waiting, no tailing, no rushing. And, we were just lucky as the weather was just nice. Thank you God. 🙂

As long they keep this maintenance up, lessen the mosquitoes further, this course will be a hidden gem for many players. Though I wouldn’t recommend it for players who rather love playing 18-holes or prefer a longer game – longest hole is around 490m.