I miss these conversations

From time to time, I come across people whom I can engage in a joyful conversation. Some younger, some in the same age and some older.

Sure, the younger would refer more to what’s happening on the Internet. And the people of same age would discuss more of parenthood or interests which may have been similar. But, this might be weird, because I’ve found engaging older people in conversation seems much more pleasant.

Lately, after my business discussion with a pair of business owners, we moved to the topics of the Generation Xs, Ys and baby boomers.

Why are Gen-X now able to live comfortably? What are they doing now which may soon affect them in 5-10 years? What is your view of Gen-X parents pushing electronic devices in front of infants and young kids?

What did the Baby Boomers (our parents) do for Gen-Xs to be able to pursue their own paths? Were the Baby Boomers working too hard and now they expect the Gen-X to follow suit?

What are the Gen-Ys doing? Why are they behaving in such a manner and not doing anything about it? Are Gen-Ys lacking purpose in their life to accomplish or are they refusing to find one with their comfort?

We could’ve probably discussed until after lunch or longer, however, all of us had prior appointments to go. But from when I left and sit here typing this, I can’t help telling myself “I miss this kinds of conversation.”

No one is trying to be an expert. Nobody is forcing facts onto another to move a conversation towards their answers. There is no need to come to an ultimate conclusion.

It was merely a sit down with people, engaged in a friendly conversation, between ourselves over a cup of coffee and water.

Maybe it was a good day. Maybe its because they were more mature. Regardless, I enjoyed our conversation very much.